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1 Tell me,who is Jahmali? Well I-N-I is just a man like any other,but carefull as well as creative, humble yet straight-forward, who stand up for him bredren or sistren and for any just cause…Spiritually is and the name JAHMALI is a combination of two words, JAH & MALI which when put together mean some-one who is forever free (to be,express and fulfill his divine destiny)so I would say thats exactly “Who” JAHMALI is you understand?

2 Where you come from and how yu describe your type of music that you sing? I have a song which the world will hear soon entitled “Sabotage” where I address where mi come from, which would be RACE COURSE, Clarendon, Jamaica..and I guess in some ways our geography do inspire and influence our views and creativity, so I would say that the type of music I SING or CREATE come from a place of altruism cause basically everyone weh mi interacted wid growing up were some REAL people, who altho aware that their ways may not be one of conformity or considered comely for some in the community,were quite straight up about it and were not afraid to be themselves wether it be a struggle or a genuine concern… and that impacted me from early,making my music real and making it so everyone can relate to it as a reflection of their own selves yu know.,mi don’t know, probably allowing them to see themselves..

3 How important was your debut album “El-Shaddai” for your music career? It is always a plus when a Artiste conveys his message and capture the people dem imagination wid something that sets him apart from the crowd.”El-Shaddai”is meaningfull for me in that way because it kinda a set the tone and platform for the direction. I visualize and how I always want to be remembered for making the kinda music I make..

4 Who are your inspirators in the Reggae music?
First comes the teachings of H.I.M, Peter Tosh, Jacob Miller, Jimmy Cliff, Mighty Diamonds,Black Uhuru, Beres Hammond just to name a few,as there are several. Outside of Reggae music, the list is endless..

5 Now you are busy with your third album “Treasure Box” What can you tell me about this new album ?
What I can tell you is that you are going to be the first one to hear this information as I have a project working on rite now that will surprise everyone and will turn the whole Industry on it’s head….. Wait-4-It….! Wait-4-it….! We already have a name for the project, the set up will be different and several changes will be made… and this is my solemn oath….Stay Tuned….Nuff Said….Just Make sure you dont miss this ok?

6 How important is Rastafari for you and your music? Have you ever heard the 70’s-80’s Pop Soul Classic by ‘The Chilites’ entitled “You are Everything, And Everything is You”? Well that is my Song to His Majesty and I think I’ve already addressed this affection or allegiance earlier but then it is my personal way of life and in more ways than one, more or less, sometimes do not dictates, influence or affect my music. It’s just a guide-line for I you know, and everyone have a different set of guidelines. I do not Judge…Remember, Faith and Work keep each other alive..

7 Did you already perform in Europe,and if yes how was the experience? I have always felt at home on stage anywhere in Europe, It is knowledge that Europeans accept Roots music more than any other country in the world as a whole, so it was always a pleasure to play in Europe.

8 When can we expect Jahmali in Europe or Holland again? This New project I am working right now will most definitely take us into Europe and Holland next year.

9 What do you know about Holland? Well, for me it is one of my most favorite places of the world with the major city Amsterdam….mi naah elaborate.. everyone already knows…cough..cough..cough…! Di Trod thru Red Light City…Boom…Sane…

10 Do you know any Artists from Holland? I know of Ziggi…he has a nice sound..the rest I am not yet so familiar with.

11 Why should reggae fans in Europe listen to Jahmali music? Fans of reggae world-wide has always made me feel as if my music play some special role in their life, but in general I believe if reggae fans want a better contemporary reggae experience,if they want to know and feel as they should when great music is played,if they appreci-love timeless, creative and meaningful music, I believe they should tune in to my music..Jahmali music..Yaah man..!

12 How are you looking to change the negative reviews in reggae/dancehall music? I do not see this as effecting a change of such,I think the way things are,are the way they are supposed to be…I think what you may have meant to ask me was “How am I looking to change this in reggae music”? I believe that many examples are already there as proof, that even with this affecting the outlook for the new generation of reggae artists, that great music is like oil on top of water, always rising to the top…”How long shall they kill our prophets,while we stand aside and look”..Bob Marley…ya Ovaz..?

13 What is your opinion on the Buju Banton Case?
I haven’t really been following the events regarding his case to any extent at all..I just wish him the best luck.

14 What is your message for the European reggae fans? Seh a one blessed love and peace,wid maximum amount of invaluable music Coming to you soon…

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