Interview with Junior Natural

Junior Natural interview by Sander Nesta

Who is Junior Natural ? Junior Natural is a 15 year old reggae singjay from Uppsala Sweden. My given name is Teodor Lindström. My ”musical name” Junior Natural came quite naturally since I started doing music with my father Daddy Natural back in the days when he was playing with the band Natural Way.

On which way you get into the reggae scene? Normally you get the influence by your parents of the country where you live (like the reggae artist get in Jamaica with there music culture) but you are young and from Sweden. That is not really the normal way to get in the music business and especially in the reggae business. Can you tell me something about this? Basically I am grown with reggae music and it has been played in my home since I was born so its just a natural thing for me. The music has always been a big part of my life, I am living music.

It’s true that Sweden is not the biggest reggae nation but in my home that’s what we listened to, and that was the music that captured me. In my hometown, the Uppsala Reggae Festival brings a lot of good reggae acts which I think has been very positive too. Many really good reggae acts have been in Uppsala and that has been a true inspiration for me and my musical road. It has been a blessing to have their inspiration not only through the vinyls but also through the festival.

I started playing different instruments as a kid and for me reggae was the natural thing to play. Before singing I was playing the drums. My first experience on stage is actually as a drummer. It was when I performed at Uppsala Reggae Festival with my dad and his band when I was 12.

You are 15 years old and you already create a typical own style. When did you know that reggae music is the music you like and want to make by yourself? From I was a little kid I used to sing and play different instruments to the music that was played in my home, Reggae had always given me that special feeling which i don’t find in any other music. But it wasn’t before I was around 12 I knew that I wanted to seriously do music.

I don’t know about creating my own style. Many people say so. I just do what I like and the musical inspiration and the melodies come to me without calculation of creating something new. It’s all natural. haha

How was it to perform on the biggest reggae festival in Scandinavia, Uppsala? Nice it nice!! A special feeling to perform in your hometown too. I know this festival since I’m a kid so it’s a good ting.

The first famous song of you, Number 1 girl did you make at the age of 12. Can you tell me something about this song? And what was the respond on this song in Scandinavia? It was the first song I seriously did record. We recorded it in my hallway in Uppsala. A roots-tune dedicated to all the mothers in the world. The response was good, it did release on 7″ vinyl and sold in different countries in Europe, for me that was a big ting!

Since that time you already work with lots of big reggae artists like Shaggy, Lutan Fyah, Jah Mason and Million Stylez. How was it to work with this great artists. And did you learn something of this artists? It was really a big step for me, from growing up listening to these artists everyday to really stand there beside them in my home and here them sing together with me. To just be there teached me a lot!

You also shared the stage with Sean Paul, Burning Spear, Lee Scratch Perry, Junior Reed, Beenie Man and many others at Uppsala Reggae Festival. Tell me something about that? How was it to perform with all this famous artists? They are all great artists that I respect a lot so for me it’s big and very inspiring. It makes me want to work even harder. The power of music is strong and I am so greatful to have had the opportunity to meet and perform with big artists like them.

You are on school right? How do you switch the important education with your musical carrier? Its cool, sometimes its a bit hard but mostly its cool. I don’t have that much shows and so on at school-time. When I’m in school that’s what I do, even though I have music in my head all the time.

And did you already go to Jamaica once a time? If yes how was it in Jamaica? So not When do you want to go to this island? No not yet, I want to go there as soon as possible, to really discover the island in real life. It would be a great experience for me. As soon as I get the opportunity I will go.

You will perform at ReggaeFer in Holland this year. It is your first time in Holland right? Yes I have never been to Holland yet and I’m really looking forward to it. I know some good reagge is from there so I’m looking forward to discovering some good music and a nice Dutch reggae vibe.

What do you know and expect from Holland? It seems like a nice country, I expect peace and unity haha.

Reggae music is very populair in Holland. What can we expect on the ReggaeFer festival in Holland of your stageshow? Holland will see some true Junior Natural roots reggae music with love, and hopefully a lot of energy too!! Each time I get a reaction for the public it inspires me and makes me develop. So I’m looking forward to getting some nice reaggae vibes from Holland.

Do you have something to say to the Holland reggae fans? Keep the love-fire blazing, who Jah bless no man can curse, Reggae music lives!

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