INTERVIEW: With Sultan from 'Herbalize-It Sound'

Riddim Magazine just announced the results of the Readers Poll and we can be proud in Holland that Dutch International Sound “Herbalize It” was voted in the top 5 for the 4th Year in a row! Congratz Goes out to the whole Herbalize It Crew!

WorldAReggae had a little chat with Herbalize It Founder ‘Sultan’ about the voting and the upcoming ‘War Ina East Soundclash’. Check it out below:

First of all, Congratz with Herbalize It’s 4th place as Best International Sound by Riddim Magazine.

How does it feel to be chosen, for the fourth consecutive year in the top 5, as best international sound by Riddim Magazine?

-Wow! There are so many wicked, hard-working sound systems worldwide and to yet again to be chosen as one of the best is just an amazing blessing. We are truly happy and grateful to all the fans for their undying passion and support year after year.

For those who are not familiar with the number one Sound in Holland, Herbalize-it, who are you guys and where you located?

-Well the home-base of Herbalize-it lies in the city of Enschede. Thirteen years ago Father Stef and Sultan started the sound with “a head full of dreams and a pocket full of money” as the saying goes. The core of the sound has always been constant and for the last few years the crew has luckily remained the same. Our members are Sultan, Father Stef, Souljah, Carlito, Fyah Monk and D-One. We are Herbalize-it and it’s nice to know you!

What are the Powers & Strength of Herbalize-it and why do you think this sound has become popular all over the world?

-It all starts with a clear vision. We have always known what we wanted to accomplish so the most difficult part was finding the right recipe to make it happen. Herbalizeit-it is a party machine plain and simple. We are all about having fun and entertaining the massive but at the same time we also become the massive so there is no division but a oneness. It’s the deep love affair for this culture and what we do that translates on stage into a pure energy that really cannot be explained in words. This is who we are. If this is a power or strength then so be it. Once we give the massive a memorable night. That’s what its all about.

Herbalize-it has many more shows outside Holland then they have in Holland. What do you think is the reason that soundsystems are more popular abroad then they are in Holland?

– To this day, the soundsystem culture all over the world is still somewhat seen as underground. Simply meaning, there are more popular “main-stream” types of party genres. When you compare Holland to other countries you see that we have far less seriously active soundsystems. How can an underground art-form gain popularity and grow if there are no sounds to organize events and put in the ground work to get the scene up and running? In other countries the soundsytem culture has more life due to all the active soundsystems. As a result, the demand is there for good parties with the best soundsytems to feed the needs of the massive. Supply and demand in action.

Then something else, ‘War Ina East 2012’. It will be held  April 7, 2012 in the ‘Atak Venue’, Enschede. This year’s editions will be with ‘Sentinel Sound’ (DE) and ‘Sound Trooper’ (JA). Why did Herbalize-it choose these sounds and what can Sound Clash fans expect from this year’s edition?

– War Ina East is about showcasing the clash scene here in Europe but not forgetting that people still want to be entertained and have a good time. These are two established, experienced, fully-loaded popular sounds who knows how to entertain and put on a good show without loosing the essence of what it is to battle in a hardcore soundclash. With this line-up we cater for everyone. The seasoned clash fan, the new clash fan and even the people who never saw a clash before. If all goes as planned its a win-win situation for the international clash culture.

You are a real Sound Clash lover yourself, but here in Holland, there is no sound clash culture at all. What’s the reason of this you think?

– Again let’s go back to what was said earlier about supply and demand. In Holland we need more serious sounds working to educate and build a massive base on the soundsystem culture before a bigger demand for clashes develops.

What can we all do to make the Sound Culture in Holland more alive?

– There are a few things that could be done but a first step would be an alliance with all the sounds to plan regular dances in key cities where dutch and foreign massive could attend. Whatever we decide to do, working together is the key and only way to build the sound culture in Holland.

The Number One Sound in Holland ‘Herbalize-it’ is not the only sound system in Holland but there are several other maddd sounds in our little country. Which other Dutch sounds do you like the most?

– First and most of all we respect all sounds in Holland known and unknown. Once they’re pushing the culture for the right reasons they have our respect.

Then the last question, why do all reggae fans have to travel to ‘Atak, Enschede’ to witness the ‘War Ina East Soundclash 2012’?

– The real reggae/clash fans know why they need to be in Atak on the 7th of April. A part of soundclash history would be written. Which true reggae fan would want to miss that?

Big Up Herb-A-Lize It! Raspect is everlasting!

– Sameway and keep up the good work!

If you wanna go to War Ina East 2012 with Sentinel Sound Vs. Sound Troopers at April 7, 2012 click the link and buy your ticket.

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