Introducing the Reggae Pop Rockstar Nefatari

(Kingston, Jamaica) She is a real pop reggae  rockstar. The beautifull female artist Nefatari is one of the rising stars in the reggae scene. The singer / photomodel finally introducing herself to the world with here first Electronic Press Kit (EPK). The video is shot and edited by Icey Jace Film Factory in Kingston Jamaica. The EPK features amongst other things, new music, videos, live performances and she answer a view questions about herself.

Nefatari Cooper began her entertainment career as a model and has always looked at the industry from every angle. Her gifts and talents have propelled her into dancing, modeling, acting and music. She is a singer/songwriter who easily takes center stage to woo her audience. The first thing you will notice about Nefatari is her poise and confidence, followed by a congenial sense of charm that disarms the crustiest spirit. Place her in any situation and she rises to the occasion.

Whether it’s playing the lead role of a mentally ill single mother in independent filmmaker Leo Schott’s, “Munchausen Montage” or singing backup for teen idol Lindsay Lohan’s promotional tour for Lindsay’s debut CD “Speak” or Emma (Baby Spice) Bunton’s “Free Me” promotional appearances; Nefatari fits the role and hits her mark.

A graduate of Wesleyan University in Middletown Connecticut and a longtime resident of Baldwin, Long Island, Nefatari’s diverse background prepares her for every audience. Her Jamaican roots are not forgotten, while she performs Modern, Jazz, Tap, West African and Hip Hop dance. Her songs span from Pop to Hip Hop. Her personal stamp of heartfelt expression in lyrics and melody identifies any selection she creates or performs. Take a look beyond the editorials featuring Nefatari in Vogue, WWD, Glamour and other great fashion magazines and consider the musical talent welcomed at great musical venues such as Justin’s, Soul Café, and Sweet Caroline’s, as well as the actress that will transform your very impression of who she can become



The WorldaReggae crew had an interview with Nefatari in Miami last weekend and it will be post soon on

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