Jah Cure and Kamila McDonald married last Sunday in Jamaica

Reggae crooner Jah Cure wed his beauty pageant girlfriend Kamila Mcdonald in a small wedding ceremony last Sunday at the Tryall Clubs, close to where the singer was born in Jamaica.

The intimate ceremony consists of close family and friends of the singer and his wife.

In a recent interview, McDonald who is a former Miss Jamaica contestant and media personality, said Jah Cure is “extremely down to earth, funny, knowledgeable, curious and just loves to cook… he loves me.”
Cure, born Siccature Alcock, also release a new song “Only You” dedicated to his beautiful wife.

“When a man sees his soulmate he just knows that she is the one,” declared Siccature Alcock aka Jah Cure to the media.
At 4 o’clock this afternoon, the swanky Tryall Club in Hanover scheduled the scene for the wedding between reggae singer Jah Cure and former CVM TV personality Kamila McDonald.

Not wanting to miss out on the moment he quickly set about getting her phone number. Two years and some months later Kamila can now voice the question which went through her head in the days following the chance meeting, “why didn’t Jah Cure call the same night?”

With a laugh Jah Cure says because she is special, he couldn’t risk her thinking he was in for a quick fling or he was pushing her, so he deliberately waited two days to call.

“Man, I was so tempted to call that I had to take my phone and hide it!” he recalls with a chuckle.
When he finally did make that call he was still nervous as he never knew what to expect… but he had nothing to fear, McDonald was just as taken with him as he was with her. She says the off stage Cure is “extremely down to earth, funny, knowledgeable, curious and just loves to cook… he loves me,” was the confident comment.

For Jah Cure today represents his total commitment and assurance to McDonald that he will be true to her and cherish her for the Empress that she is. Jah Cure says he sees himself in the light of a role model for not just entertainers, but for real men who believe in showing their women how special they are. “It’s time to show people this is my life. I can inspire others to get married and have a decent family life in the future.”

To display his “Unconditional Love” for her, Cure is releasing a new song entitled “Only You.”

The whole WorldAReggae family would congratulate this beautifull couple and hope they will love each other Unconditional..



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  1. Wow…. thats all i can say for now…. Wish them all the best

    Sanzett / Reply
  2. Congratulations to Jah Cure and his Beautiful Empress… Blessed be both of you! xoxo

    Joselle / Reply
  3. congrats. its good that he decided to finish with bajan fling cherie pitt. that affair should have ended long time ago. kamila seems really nice. i know cherie will try to her best to lead him astray. stay strong jah cure and trust in god and u and kamila would survive her wicked ways

    Sheena Lambert / Reply

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