Jah Cure & Kamila McDonald’s first interview after being married

Jah Cure and his glowing wife Kamila McDonald share the magic of their union with fans in their first interview since tying the knot on Sunday (August 7).

The two love birds shared their transition from meeting for the first time to becoming a couple and then getting married. According to Kamila, there will be an upcoming documentary on their life.

Jah Cure used the opportunity to appeal to haters and critics to accept what he is doing.

“From freedom to this inno a nuff people no like it but wi a show dem seh just believe in the youths, cuz man no dead no call dem duppy,” Jah Cure said. “I and I genuinely wonna do this, mi naan fake this, this is real love, a three years mi a pursue this sistren, even enemies should respect this, how could you fight something so beautiful.”

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