Jah Cure Miss St. Vincent Show, Apologize To Fans

International reggae star Jah Cure disappoints his St. Vincent fans last weekend when he failed turn up for a show.

Cure was the headlining act for the show dubbed ‘Irresistible Temptations’ held at the Victoria Park venue in the Caribbean island.

A rep for the “Longing For” singer told Urban Islandz that he could not performed on the show because the promoter failed to meet their contractual obligations.

“The promoter booked Jah Cure for sometime now but failed to deliver on key aspect of the contractual agreement,” the rep disclosed. “We apologize to patrons who turn out to seem Cure performed, Cure is looking forward to perform in St. Vincent in the near future.”

Jah Cure also issued an apology on Twitter, “St Vincent, I’m sorry for every thing that happened tonight due to the lack of organisation on the part of the promoters who have been giving nothing but excuses! I look forward to returning to deliver great music in a show by a legitimate promoter some time soon. Jah live!,” Cure tweeted.

Cure also confirmed that there was an issue with the promoter.“Promoter failed to meet his contractual obligations so I could not perform. Sorry St Vincent, I shall return, I’m super disappointed,” Cure added on his official Twitter page.


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