Jah Shakespear releases ‘Bob Marley, 25 songs 25 Stories’ Book.

Bob Marley Lives! Even though he died nearly forty years ago (11 May 1981) and was born 75 years ago (6 February 1945). Not many artists speak to the collective imagination this long after their passing.

In the adult life of Karel Michiels a.k.a. JahShakespear Marley’s music has always been around. Michels has seen Bob Marley live, visited his hometown and birthplace and spoke to his sons and friends. Michiels is the only journalist in the Dutch language area who writes professionally about reggae, including Marley. In this book, Karel Michiels interweaves the stories behind 25 crucial Marley songs with personal experiences and considerations. “OneLove”, “Get Up Stand Up”, “RedemptionSong” …: the selection reflects not only the personal preference of the author but also the musical and historical meaning behind the songs.

This book, written in Dutch, is just as much a unique, quirky biography of Bob Marley as a personal search for the meaning of his lyrics and the heart of Marley’s music.

The book can be pre-ordered via dutch website Bol.com or search for it in your favorite bookstore. The book will be available from January 15, 2020.

Publicist: Willems Uitgevers

  • Language: Dutch 
  • Paperback 
  • EAN 9789492419736 
  • Press: 1st Edition 
  • Januari 2020

About Karel Michiels
Karel Michiels (1960) in the reggae scene better known as Jah Shakespear has written several books about football, travel, cannabis, various interesting people and many other topics. He has been writing about reggae and Rastafari since the mid-eighties, for Flemish newspapers De Morgen and De Standaard, for the fanzines Riddim and Rockers, and since 2002 for our. friends at Reggae.be, the Belgian reggae portal he founded.