Kabaka Pyramid Returns to Jamaica After California & European Tour

As the summer comes to an end Kabaka Pyramid is back on the warm island of Jamaica after touring the West Coast of the United States and a four weeks tour in Europe. It has been a long yet busy summer for Kabaka Pyramid and team Bebble Rock as they traveled the world for this ‘Rebel Music Tour’.

While on his West Coast Tour Kabaka Pyramid performed on one of North America’s largest festivals, ‘Reggae on the River’. Performing to a crowd of over 20 thousand Reggae Music lovers, it was evident that Kabaka was well received.

“It was a joy to see the warm reception from the fans in America and the love for the music. I look forward to going back next year” says Kabaka Pyramid.

After departing California Kabaka Pyramid returned to Jamaica for a few days before embarking on his four weeks European tour. Returning to Europe for his second European Tour was a little different this time around. Kabaka played in much larger venues and performed to much much larger crowds. If that was not enough to show the growth of Kabaka’s career, he was also featured on the cover of Riddim Magazine, one of Germany’s largest print and online publications geared to Reggae music lovers.

While in Europe, Kabaka Pyramid visited over 14 cities and eight countries including Spain, Germany, Austria, Swtizerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark and Slovakia. The fast rising artist was billed for some of the largest festivals such as, Rototom Sunsplash, in Spain, Chiemsee Festival in Germany and Regalowisko Bielawas Reggae Festival in Poland to name a few. Kabaka and Bebble Rock team also found time while in Europe to release a new music video for the fan favorite “Worldwide Love” single.

It is evident that this musical warrior is in demand.  Kabaka Pyramid and Bebble Rock are currently working on releasing a compilation EP titled “Lead the Way”, this 10 track EP will have several new singles as well as a few fan favorites. Kabaka’s Lead the Way East Coast tour will take place in November 2013. Just stay tuned “ACCURATE”

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