Kenny Smyth Releases new ‘Powerful Dread’ album on JahSolidRock Label

As I Wayne once sung, “the more the wicked seh Reggae Dead, More Reggae Spread“, thats exactly what happens here with the Kenny Smyths latest album”Powerful Dread‘. Kenny Smyth grew up in the peaceful rural parish of St Elisabeth known to be the “breadbasket parish” of Jamaica, where he got the nickname of “breadbasket singer“ from. As a child Kenny learned to play the guitar from his father. Passionate and encouraged by his family, he then began to practice bass, drums and keyboards, and started writing and singing songs.

He did some great singles with a.o. Addis Records (Switzerland), which wethe JahdolidRock team really liked. That is wehy they are happy to present his first full showcase album “Powerful Dread”! Kenny Smyth continues on his musical journey proving his determination and undeniable qualities as a singer, author and performer ! Out now on all digital platforms! Enjoy!

Special mention for Abba Yahudah for this amazing album cover illutration.

“I want people not to just dance but to feel the tunes. My music motivates someone to go forward and be great… because we all are… My duty is to inspire and spread positive energy through my words. By telling my people to be strong, it doesn’t matter what your circumstances are …. Think good about yourself, believe in yourself strongly, but I don’t mean being proud or full of yourself. This is how I overcome my hurdles, and in return, I uplift people’s spirits with a positive message and highlight my roots… live up!” – Kenny Smyth