Khago Launched The Ricardo Gayle Education Foundation

Reggae/dancehall Khago has launched a new charitable organization called ‘The Ricardo Gayle Education Foundation.’

Khago, whose real name is Ricardo Gayle, will pay special attention to schools from the parish of St Ann, his home parish.

The singjay’s publicist, Claude Mills, said Khago had a good year and feels obliged to give back.

“Khago is a very spiritual youth, and because of this year’s progression, he felt obliged to give back to the people who supported him,” he said.

Mills added that the artiste will perform at a series of events in St Ann geared at raising funds for educational tools.

“He will perform at schools in St Ann and also give personal donations in the event that he can. However, he also plans on sending letters to corporate entities to join the foundation and assist with the provision of computers and other learning equipment,” he said.

Khago, who has endured a lot of struggles as a youth growing up, emphasize his desire to help lesser fortunate youths.

“He didn’t have much schooling so that’s why he wants to support education, so that children don’t have to endure a similar experience to his,” Mills said.

Khago will also establish a scholarship for the most outstanding student in a school located in St Ann.


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