Last Disciple Walks on the Moon with Kush McAnuff

While he looks forward to recording authentic reggae whenever he is in Jamaica, American deejay/rapper Last Disciple also wants to make songs with mass appeal. Songs like Walking on The Moon, a collaboration with Kush McAnuff.

Released in September, the celestial ballad was recorded in Manchester parish, Jamaica, at the home studio of veteran singer Winston McAnuff, Kush’s father.

“The market for this song is the world market. World Music genre fits the vibe of the song well, as the feeling can cross over borders, be felt by anyone from any culture due to the lyrics and production of the song. It’s on a Lofi beat,” Last Disciple explained. “This song has elements of hip hop and reggae, US and Jamaica, where we’re from. When we tour in the future we know the crowds will enjoy and appreciate the song and its meaning.”

Walking on The Moon is Last Disciple’s follow-up to Smoking Kush, a hardcore weed song he did with roots veteran Linval Thompson and dub poet Meeka Nyota.

From Greenville, South Carolina, Last Disciple remembers listening to Reggae roots rockers such as Thompson, Bob Marley and Peter Tosh in his youth. 

He made his first trip to Jamaica in 2008 and seven years later, began cutting songs there with experienced producers such as Everton “Caveman” Moore and seasoned session musicians including guitarist Winston “Bo Pee” Bowen and keyboardist Franklin “Bubbler” Waul.

Last Disciple’s two albums — Babylon Fall and Rise Up — feature Jamaican musicians. He believes their input is critical to his success as an artiste.

“I’ve noticed that Jamaicans young to old have a knowledge or an innate feeling for the music, especially reggae music. So, my experience has been that I get appreciation for what and how I’m doing my music, but also suggestions that are from this deep knowledge or feel for the music that Jamaicans have. It’s something special, it’s interesting,” he said. “I am appreciative for both the compliments and the suggestions.”

By Howard Campbell for