Leno Banton releases “Loverman” EP and “Brown Sugar” Video

Kingston, Jamaica, February 2, 2021 Leno Banton candidly ventures into matters of theheart on his latest project, Loverman EP. Released under Leno Banton Music and produced by Malakhii Records, New Sounds Production, Jeff Kaale and Kone, the tracklist consists of 5 tracks exclusively dedicated to the ladies. AReggae fusion of melodic tones ranging from Afrobeats to Hip Hop/R&B serve toaccentuate the yardie vibe of a youth in love.

By staying true to the raggamuffinaesthetic, his avant garde layering of vocals imbues a sense of boyish charismathroughout the record and leading single, Brown Sugar.“The Loverman EP is mainly about my feelings about love interests anddescribing a romantic type of energy within myself,” explains Leno Banton. “Withthis release I’d like to showcase a more sensitive side of myself and to showpeople how it should sound when you make music about women, because I’mconvinced that some people are making music about women for other men andthat’s kinda weird.”Ever the contemplative and humble one, he remains rooted in reality. A youthdriven by aspirations to impact a generation, Leno Banton spreads unyieldingpositivity.

A theme he has seamlessly incorporated in the tone of his musicthroughout years in the industry. “My intentions overall for my music is for it to beheard and felt by everyone y’know. Heavy on the ‘felt’ part because we arebeings of emotion and we should embrace that more often.”Loverman EP is Leno Banton’s second project, REMSZN being the first.Brandishing a catalog of Hip Hop fusions and traditional Reggae make forcomparative parallels to the Reggae Revival Movement. He sets himself apart stylistically with use of dancehall cadence and bravado sprinkled deliberately throughout engaging instrumental tracks. Lending credence to an unorthodoxalmost indie hip hop flair. Leno Banton has performed on TVJ’s Daytime Liveand BBC Radio’s 1Xtra alongside household name Shenseea. Steadily garneringtraction as a well rounded artist in the underground scene, he more recentlycollaborated with Burro Banton on the track Better Days.

Not one to remain stagnant, Leno Banton aspires to carry the torch of his father’slegacy proudly. Not only by pioneering new music but by cultivating a heritage inhis own namesake. “If I leave a mark on my generation I think it would lastforever. Like what my pops (Burro Banton), Buju, Sean Paul, Vybz Kartel havedone.”– Leno Banton