Like Father, Like Daughter: Nkulee Dube

These days Nkulee Dube is busy in the studios in Johannesburg, South Africa putting on the finishing touches to her debut album. The album will be produced by Native Rhythms Productions who recently signed Nkulee to their label and is expected to be released in May of this year.

Nkulee Dube is the daughter of arguably South Africa’s most successful reggae superstar and icon, Lucky Dube. Her style of music however is a little different from daddy; it is more like a fuse between ethno-soul ragga (a term that refers to Raggamuffin music, a sub-genre of dancehall and reggae music), with Afro-soul.

With the members of her legendary father’s band One People by her side, Dube is expected to electrify Europe starting June 2 in Wurzburg, Germany. She will open her European tour in Wurzberg at the International Afro Music Festival.

This is not uncharted territories for Nkulee because she has always been a back up vocalist with One People band as they toured with her dad in countries like Australia, Holland, Papua, Surinam, French Guyana, Vanuatu, and more.

Her upcoming album will be packed with great meaningful songs penned by the artiste herself. This includes the hard-driving ‘Give It to Me’, the heartfelt ‘Love’, and the personal feel of ‘Live My Life’ among the other album tracks will launch Nkulee’s solo career high.

Nkulee Dube from Native Rhythms on Vimeo.

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