LIVICATED One Man’s Quest To Preserve the Musical Heritage of a Country

Reggae maintains that music is a weapon to be used for social change and revolution. Roger Steffens spent the past thirty years preserving a voice that calls out for equality and human rights—a voice that governments and authorities have tried to silence for years. The movie LIVICATED is on a mission to bring the story of Roger’s archives and Reggae’s battle to the public’s attention and help save the history of an entire culture.

LIVICATED blends new interviews with Roger Steffens, Neville Garrick, Bruno Blum, Carlos Santana, Ben Harper and Elan Atias, with rare and unreleased archival material from artists including Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Fela Kuti, Jimmy Cliff, and Miriam Makeba to explore rebel music’s transformative power.

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“Roger has preserved one of the most important music archives of all time. it’s important that someone keeps it from being scattered all over, it’s an important job in every generation” – Ben Harper

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