Lutan Fyah says that touring is a vital part of his career

For reggae artist Lutan Fyah touring is a very vital part of his career, the deejay who is known for songs such as St. Jago Dela Vega, Save the Juvenile and Crystal Clear said that touring over the years has helped to build his fan base significantly.

“Touring is a big part of my career, over the years it has helped to build my fan base and establish me as a recognized artist on the international reggae scene. I especially enjoy touring because it allows me to connect with my fans abroad in a very direct way. The fans listen to the music on the radio, on the internet and buy the albums so it’s a very big thing for them when they get to see you live. Therefore when I go out there I always give them no less than a hundred percent every time.

The fiery stage performer recently returned to the island after completing tours of Europe and Africa which saw him performing in countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Poland, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

“I just completed two tours, the first one was in Europe, I spent a couple weeks over there in August, performing in France, Poland, Germany and Italy. The shows were sold out. After that I went to Africa where I did shows in South Africa and Zimbabwe, I also did a lot of studio work over there; I recorded songs with several major African hip hop artists. It was another great experience for Lutan Fyah on the road, the African people really love my music and they gave me there full support,” said the artist.

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