Lutan Fyah Targeted by Scammers

Reggae singer Lutan Fyah says that he has been scammed by someone who was pretending to be him and defrauding producers from all over the world.

According to the reggae singer, he employed someone to control his Facebook and Twitter accounts, but now believes he may be one of the persons that carried out the illegal activities.

“Him a use my page and talk to them as if a me dem a talk to. Mi go pon tour a Sweden, Finland, Africa, Argentina, Germany, Florida, New York, Poland and California and each time I visit the countries, a different producer has been contacting me saying that I took their money for songs,” Lutan Fyah told THE JAMAICA STAR.

The artiste believes that his name was being used to scam people for sometime now.

“Everywhere I go in the world, people a link me for dem money, and I don’t have any idea what they are talking about. Right now I have a lot of Whatsapp messages and emails from producers saying I should refund their money,” an angry Lutan Fyah said.

Because of this, Lutan Fyah says he has had to shut down his Facebook and Twitter pages.

Bun dem out

“Is a group of them of about five or six that are going around and targeting artistes … Bun we a bun dem out,” he said.

The singer, despite his loss, however, says that he has not yet made a report to the police concerning the matter.

In the meantime, persons interested in booking Lutan Fyah should contact his booking agent, Chris ‘Icey Jace’ Campbell, at 396-7965.

Lutan Fyah is slated to perform at four concerts in California later this month.


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