LUTAN FYAH Urges Radio Jocks to Play 18 & over on Radio

Reggae recording artist Lutan Fyah is urging more and more radio jocks to signal their support in the fight against Sexual Abuse of women and children by allowing greater rotation to songs such as his “18 & Over” single which seek to restore morals and values in society.

The song which boldly denounces violent acts such as rape and sexual assault was produced by DJ Stunna of Must Rich Records and is one of several powerful uplifting tracks featured on the Multiple Hits Riddim compilation which was released in June. “18 & Over is a powerful song and I just want to encourage the radio jocks to bring it to the people” stated Lutan.

In light of the numerous cases of rape which have been buzzing in the local media, Lutan alongside the Must Rich Record label has embarked on a reintroduction campaign to get the single back in heavy rotation. “At present Jamaica is going through a very shameful time when our children and women have become prey for sexual predators. “18 & Over” will be release this weekend on iTunes and we  are reaching out to the radio jocks and mainstream media to support our efforts. We have recieved so much positive feedback on this single from both men and women who have said they welcome music like this on radio, so we decided it was time to relaunch the song and give it an even bigger push by reaching out to all radio disc jocks local and international”. stated Chris Campbell (Entertainment Publicist)

Since the start of the year crimes such as sexual abuse and rape has been brought to public attention following alarming statistics from the Center For Investigation Of Sexual Offenses & Child Abuse (CISOCA) which shows a stark increase the number of reported cases.

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