Macka B ready to perform at P60 Amstelveen NL this December 3, 2023

Macka B, also known as “The Teacher,” is a master at expressing socially conscious messages without coming across as preachy. This Rastaman radiates compassion and positivity, serving as a true beacon of light for people worldwide.

His musical journey began in his youth on the soundsystems of Wolverhampton, England, leading him to the pinnacle as one of the most respected reggae artists in the world. With an impressive career spanning over four decades, Macka B has released no less than 20 albums and traveled the globe, always remaining true to his principles and beliefs.

Macka B has graced stages all around the world, and his pursuit of musical excellence continues undiminished. Furthermore, Macka B has become a true internet sensation, with his viral raps on “Medical Mondays” and “Wha Me Eat Wednesdays,” where he promotes healthy eating and veganism. His “Cucumba” rap has garnered hundreds of millions of views. On social media, he is followed by nearly 500,000 fans on Facebook and more than 300,000 on Instagram.

Macka B tirelessly continues to spread awareness and overcome obstacles. Don’t miss the chance to see him shine and enjoy his positive message on the delightful reggae beat of his Roots Ragga band on December 3rd at P60, Amstelveen!

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