Man Free, A new documentary about Jamaica soon come

An island of pretty beaches, palm trees, and Reggae music, thats how most of us see Jamaica. But behind this facade of big hotels and a ‘no problem’ mentality there is a different Jamaica that we get to see in a new Documentary by Kinsey Beck. The iTunes release of this documentary is planned this October as well as several screenings scheduled both domestic and international . Every 2 weeks were going to be posting new clips for MAN FREE that are not in the film. 

In ‘Man Free’ we take a glimpse into the beautiful struggle of modern Jamaicans. Surrounded by a lush and beautiful landscape, these people fight poverty, drugs and politics to carve a life for themselves however they can manage. No matter how hard the struggle, they stand by their native land…the land they love…Jamaica.

Man Free‘ by Kinsey Beck takes a look into the lives of everyday people in the beautiful country of Jamaica. Told through the people themselves, the film takes a glimpse into the lives of people young and old as they fight politics, crime, drugs and more.

From the colorful and spirited taxi driver called Master Blaster to the young woman in her twenties running her own bakery, Man Free sheds a light on real life in Jamaica. It’s not all reggae and good times. It’s a land full of conflict and struggle and a yearning for a better life. But through all the hardships, you come to realize Jamaicans are truly people of grace.

The film is Narrated by the late Perry Henzell (NO PLACE LIKE HOME) and it includes some nice footage of him before he passed. Perry was well know for his film ‘The Harder They Come’ with Jimmy Cliff.

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