Mark Miller releases book 'On the Road with Bob Marley'

This April 16, Stage manager from way back when, Mark Miller released the english version of his book with new views on reggae Icon Bob Marley. This book is Marks personal journey in 1978 as a three year trip around the world as Bob Marley’s stage manager. It is the only book that is written ‘from the inside out” as most other Marley books only focus on Bob and what those writers think. Not what was real.

Finally after 30 years Mark shares his anecdotes and stories about the time with Bob on the road. Who was Bob, What was he like in the band, how was it behind the scenes? Mark tells it all in his book ‘On the road with Bob Marley’ accompanied by a lot of memorabilia and pictures.

Nowadays Mark is the “Director of International Business” for artists like Nkulee Dube, Turbulence, Warrior King, Tosh Meets Marley, and Don Carlos

“One the Road with Bob Marley”, sharing with readers the real inside story of life with Bob Marley & the Wailers at the height of his fame and popularity without any real parallel

The book is already released in German and French. The english book is available through and you can read for real what it was like being with Bob and the Wailers for three years!


Pushing open the door, all I could see in front my eyes was the thick smoke of herb, and through this cloud I could make out various people perched around the room. I shoved the amp across the room, keeping an ever watchful eye on the people in the room in case one happened to hand one of their huge “spliff” to me. I set the amp up, plugged in a guitar lead to test it and noticed one guy watching me from across the room and whom everyone seemed to be paying attention to. Coiling the guitar lead on top of the amp and while I was obviously sniffing the air intensely, this guy called to me from across the room. He was sat on the dressing room counter in front of the mirrors, like all arena locker rooms have and he called out to me. It was something like “Hey Youth” or thereabouts so I walked over to where he was sitting with a bunch of other guys. He asked me why “I no smoke” and I told him I did not have anything. Nodding to a guy next to him, a bag of pot appeared and this guy tore some newspaper on the counter next to him and took a handful of pot and gave it to me. Walking out of the dressing room about two feet above the ground with my good fortune, I learned not half an hour later that the guy in the dressing room with the funny hairstyle (let’s remember I had never seen dreadlocks before) was Bob Marley.

That night they played one of the most amazing shows I had ever seen and I spent the better part of the 1970’s working with many famous acts and mainly big English acts. There was just such intensity in how Bob made and played his music.

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