Marleys feel the (One) Love at Kingston Movie Premiere

Days before his death in November last year. Neville Garrick got his wish to see the final cut of Bob Marley: One Love, the highly-anticipated biopic about the reggae legend, for which Garrick was a consultant.
The movie had its Jamaican premiere on January 23, with Garrick represented by two of his children, Naomi and Nesta, his ex-wife Colette and grandson Ajani. Naomi believes her father would have given the film two thumbs-up.
“I think (actor) Kingsley (Ben-Adir) did a fantastic job as Bob, from the voice to the mannerisms, but more importantly I think he was really able to embody the spirit of his character. I know he spent many hours with my father while on set in London and here in Jamaica, asking questions and learning more about Bob Marley the person, and from what I have seen in the film, I think my Dad would have been very proud,” she said.
Members of the Marley family including Bob’s eldest son, Ziggy, travelled to Jamaica for the event which took place at Carib cinema in Kingston, the venue that hosted the premiere for The Harder They Come 51 years before. His wife Orley and brother Ky-Mani, also attended as well as Ben-Adir, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle.
Directed by Oscar winner Reinaldo Marcus Green, Bob Marley: One Love is distributed and marketed by Paramount Pictures. It was filmed mainly in the United Kingdom, with some scenes shot in Kingston.
It is based largely on two years in Bob Marley’s life. From December, 1976 when he was shot at his Kingston home; 1977 when he lived in London and early 1978 when the Rastafarian artiste returned to Jamaica for the One Love Peace Concert.
Marley died from cancer in May, 1981 at age 36.
“The fact that they were able to recreate so many iconic moments during that period of Bob’s life, both here in Jamaica and in London, and that the producers and the Marley family were able to pull together such a dynamic cast and crew locally and internationally to really bring the authenticity to the film,” said Naomi.
Also strolling the red carpet was Aston Barrett Jr., son of legendary Wailers bassist Aston “Familyman” Barrett (who sadly passed away days after the movie premiered). Aston Jr., who plays his father, is also pleased with the movie.
“I think it’s great, Kingsley did a fantastic job and I recommend this movie to everyone,” he said.
Bob Marley: One Love, which also stars Lashana Lynch as Bob’s wife Rita Marley and James Norton as Island Records owner Chris Blackwell, officially opens worldwide on February 14.

By Howard Campbell for