Midnite-Culture launch brand new website!

Check this out, the founders of the great fansite of Midnite, www.Midnite-Culture.com launched there new website! Check there message to the world below:

Greetings and Love in the name of His Imperial Majesty,

To spread the heartwarming and powerful music and message of Midnite, we, Datjy en Ejah from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, released the first Midnite fanwebsite in 2010. The ultimate goal for the website was to create a efficient and clear platform for people where they can find Midnite songlyrics, beacuse not everyone was able to ovastand every word Vaughn Benjamin(leadsinger) said because of his dialect. It was a huge success with lots of visitors. From all over the world people were sending us lyrics to the songs that they typed out theyself and the lyrical archive was growing very rapidly. Midnite has a huge and very strong worldwide fanbase and community. From Brazil to Japan, from Nigeria to Australia, from Sweden to Peru…you name it. All continents represent heavily, and its still growing every day. Truly amazing. We gotta give thanks for that.

After a blooming year we both wanted to give the website a fresh new and improved look. Well, here is is, with more than 200 songlyrics added. And together we can make it even bigger. So if you wanna participate, feel free to do so. United we stand, devided we fall.

Ok, enough talking. Without further ado i present to you http://www.midnite-culture.com

Love & Inity


Datjy & Ejah

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