Midnite shells DUWN Amsterdam!

This is a WorldaReggae report written by Ras Mikeyy

SummerJam(Cologne, Germany) & Future Reggae Ruigoord(Amsterdam, Netherlands), that was what was going on last weekend in Holland and Germany. Those were not the only events….oh no. On the 8th of July 2012 in the beautiful city of Amsterdam the Roots band named MIDNITE came to De Melkweg(The Milkyway) to educate the people with the power of MUSIC.

It was 21.15 when Vaughn Benjamins(lead singer) made his appearance and started of a show with his bandmembers what was to be one of the greatest live shows that The Milkyway has ever seen.

The power of Roots reggae lies in the sounds of the instruments and just to make sure that we would get remembered they gave us some wonderful lessons. Playing songs that had lengths of 10-20 minutes which is enough time to let you make the switch to a new song and let the musical vibrations get absorbed by your body, Midnite gave you the feeling of peace and freedom.

I wasn’t alone, it was the whole venue who had that feeling, you could just feel it. The music brought UNITY troughout the people of all nations. Even when the words stopped, the music kept on singing. THAT is the power of Midnite and also the reason why they always get a crowd busy and excited.

Something that was suprising yet incredibly powerful was when Vaugh stepped up his performance by putting more power to the words. This is a skill that many of you would recognize that an artist uses to let everyone beside seeing also hear and feel that he is on the stage and in charge. We as fans simply love it especially when he almost did that every song and the response from the crowd got stronger and stronger everytime he pulled it off.

Halfway during the show, there was a big suprise! Le-Prince came on with the mic that was being handed to him by Vaughn to give him a shot to vibe on the beautiful melody coming out of the instruments by the Midnite bandmembers. Knowing Le-Prince who is an artist that usually when he is on stage has got a lot of raw energy which is excellent for shows like Sizzla or Capleton, it came as an suprise that a roots style came out of his mouth. A suprise that can either work out bad or perfect……I won’t judge, but looking at the crowd, seeing them jumping and partying….I think the outcome was clear!

Midnite continued powerfully with teachings about our every day lifes and the role of the music in it. Certain things are better left unsaid because the music kept on speaking to you, carrying you away on a cloud of freedom, happiness and education.

What makes it so special is that you couldn’t even call this a concert but more a class of everyday life education that was being given by a musicians and a teacher. Stories were being told while the music supported every single word that was being spoken by the teacher.

Around 00.05 the class was done and they left the stage followed by an soundwrecking noise of blessings and joy! A 2 hour and 50 minutes performance without any breaks……..do I need to say more? L E G E N D A R Y !!!! Milkyway, you have seen one of your best performances that you have ever and will ever see.

As a fan and WorldaReggae member I want to give thanks to the whole Midnite crew and Jazz & Jamm Entertainment for making this event possible in the way that it was made possible!


Till we meet again, blessings

* The pictures of this event will be online later next week *

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