Nefatari Rocks the Clarendon Music Awards

U.S. born, Jamaican based singer Nefatari on Saturday night left her imprint at the inaugural staging of the Clarendon Music Awards held at the Quarry, May Pen, Clarendon in Kingston Jamaica.

Though relatively new to the local scene this accomplished young singer donning a stunning green Lubica ensemble delivered a commendable performance with songs such as; ‘Be Your Baby’ and ‘All The Boys’ to the approval of the hundreds in attendance. Following the performance a gleaming Nefatari revealed that she was very happy to be a part of something so monumental.

“This is the first staging of this event, I feel so blessed and honoured to be given the opportunity to showcase my talent and perform alongside so many icons of Jamaican music.”

Nefatari added that with hard work she one day hope to be an awardee and not just be a performer. The event hosted by Temperature Entertainment is geared towards recognizing and honouring Clarendon musicians and players in its entertainment industry.

Others performers included: Peter Austin and the Clarendonians, , Tommy Cowan and his wife Carlene Davis, Cashew man, Merciless, Bunny General, Carlene Davis and newcomers Stephen McGregor, Chino, Silver Cat, Keith Campbell and Assailant. Reggae icons: Derrick Morgan, Barrington Levy, Cocoa Tea and Everton Blender were all honoured for their outstanding musical contributions.

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