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Earlier this year we announced that the official website would get a new design to celebrate the Legends 66th Birthday . Since a few days now the result is visable. The website has a new clean, crispy clean design that still breathes the feeling of how it was way back at 56 Hope Road, the house where Bob Marley lived.

The site is filled with nice features and new and old information about the artist, a complete discography with all the albums, videos, multiple photogalleries of his performances, Bob Marley playing football and some exclusives. Offcourse we can find a news section about all things Bob Marley, plus there is a ‘Communicate’ section where fans can post questions, there are quotes from Ziggy and ongoing questions and they keep the fans posted about the Marley Charity works.  Plus there is the inevitable Marley Shop with Bob Marley Merchandise, Ziggy Merchandise, Books and, offcourse, the Marley Coffee. All sections can by browsed while playing Bob Marley tunes in the Music Player.

But i think the most fun for the fans is the “Free Stuff” Section, where you can download Wallpapers, Ziggy Marleys tune ‘A Fire burns for freedom’, a free track from Damian Marley and Nas’ ‘Distant Relatives” album, A nice piece of art from daughter Cedella and a custom Bob Marley internet Browser. But, in my humble oppinion the most fun can be get from the free ‘Booklet of Art, Questions and Answers’, a PDF file containing questions from fans around the world asking questions about Bob, that are answered by Cedella Marley.

Take a look at the new, improved and well designed Bob Marley home on the internet. According to a note on the website more and more Marley stuff gets added in the future. I think Bob got a nice 66th Birthday present from Ziggy with this website.

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