Peter Tosh documentary in the works?

With Thursday being the premiere of the first official Bob Marley documentary in Jamaica, the film’s director is already hinting at a similar project involving one of the Reggae icon’s right hand men.

Academy Award winning director and the mastermind behind Marley, Kevin Macdonald has revealed that he’s been engaging in talks over doing a film on legendary Reggae singer, Peter Tosh. The former Bob Marley and The Wailers singer is still regarded as a Reggae icon 25 years since his death and calls have been made by Tosh’s family for the Jamaican government to make him the island’s eighth National Hero.

According to a feature in the Jamaica Observer, Macdonald would love to bring a Peter Tosh documentary to the big screen. However, he hasn’t had much progress thus far.

 “I have been having discussions regarding a Peter Tosh film, but that hasn’t really gotten anywhere just yet…not even a flicker in anyone’s eye, but I would like to do that,” he said.


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  1. There alreay is a Peter Tosh documentary – Stepping Razor: Red X 1993 directed by Nicholas Campbell – very interesting and informative!

    Georgina Collins / Reply
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