Photos: Island Music Conference 2024

According to the recaps and the various articles in the media, the 2nd Edition of the Island Music Conference was another huge success for the organisation. Unfortunately, besides the scheduled industry leaders and speakers (and some replacements), I noticed that there were just a handful of artists and producers from Jamaica’s Reggae and Dancehall fraternity who attended the conference.

We had the honour to attend the conference and were able to shoot these photo’s of the speakers. For us, the Keynotes of Wyclef Jean about Sync – Music Licensing Is The Future, The keynote of Vivian Scott Chew about “The Making Of Shabba Ranks- The Untold Story”, literally made a big impression and Shaggy’s, who apparently replaced the scheduled Bounty Killer Keynote, about uuuh himself and his career story. Big Ups to the Youtube Team/Amanda Agyapong for their great presentation, I really believe more artists should have seen this and profit from your knowledge.

The Friday night “Island Rock” concert was a blast and ended in an epic musical Mayem when the youths of todays music stepped on stage to create a seemingly chaotic, unplanned, but awesome group performance.

Due to our busy schedule we weren’t able to visit the full 5 days of the conference, so th picture only cover the first 3 days at The Courtleigh Auditorium in Kingston Jamaica.

Island Music Conference 2024

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