Pressure Busspipe reaches Heights of Greatness with new Album

From the moment I opened my inbox and found a link to Pressure Busspipe’s 8th album ‘Heights Of Greatness” excitement started to rise instantaneously. Before I even listened to one track of the album and knowing the track record that Mr. Delyno Brown has built up over the past years, I knew I would go and listen to greatness (as the album title promises).

From the first track on the album, “Everything I Need“, until the very last “Know More“, the powerful voice of Pressure makes sure that whatever is being said in the lyrics will reach your brain, and never leave it. This, combined with Pressures talent to pick only the baddest riddims, does get you to higher Heights.

As said before, I am not here to impose my opinion on every track on the album, that’s a journey you have to go through for yourself. But I cannot imagine that a track like “All Said and Done“, taken from Kabaka Pyramid’s Victory Rock Riddim, doesn’t get you in that warrior spirit that only Reggae Music can give you.

The same thing goes for the earlier released track “Blaze” on the “Love Like That Riddim“, produced by the Stargate Backing Band. A track that touches on the brutal murders and police brutality on our black brothers and sisters. Pressure doesn’t just sing about it, by mentioning the names of the victims this track hits hard and makes it even more clear that things must change!

Another track, “Survivor” (produced by Masai Harris), is one of those tracks that has the ability to uplift people and help them out of whatever misery they are in. A song of hope, for all the Lions in this Jungle, telling the listener that whatever happens, you will survive. What feels better than listening to a track and sing along real loud that you are a Survivor!?!

Of course, in good reggae and Pressure Busspipe tradition, the album holds quite a few Love songs for the ladies like ‘Compatible” and “Follow your heart” (where Pressure gets very Soulful), “True Love” (Produced by Delly Ranx), “Searching“, “Seasons” (both produced by Masai Harris) and “Missing You“, Produced by Don Corleonie. Although amazing tracks, the lovey-dovey stuff isn’t really my piece of cake 🙂

Another special mention for the track ‘No Man is An Island” alongside Kabaka Pyramid. Produced by Masai Harris, filled with heavy basslines and two great lyricists fighting Babylon. Reggae music the way I like it!

Overall, as stated in the intro, Pressure delivered an amazing body of work. The album, just as the title track, a tribute to Vaughn Benjamin, “Heights of Greatness” (Produced by Tippy, Zion High Productions), didn’t mislead me in any way. Pressure, delivered and is on his way to his own Heights of Greatness.

“So Danny, you don’t have anything bad to say about the album?” You might ask? Well, if anything, As I mentioned earlier I would have replaced some of the Love Songs to some more Educative, uplifting, conscious, Rebel tracks. In my humble opinion: that is when Pressure is at his best, a prophet, with a thundering voice that should, and will be heard.

I am already looking forward to Pressure’s next album (or song). Heights of Greatness could very well be that the best reggae album in 2021 will be coming from U.S. Virgin Islands… Heights of Greatness will be due out on August 27th, 2021.