Queen Ifrica Axed From Canadian Show Over Homophobic Rant

Queen Ifrica is the latest reggae star to be caught up in the ongoing beef between reggae stars and the homosexual community.

Earlier this month, Queen Ifrica rant on stage about her disapproval of homosexual lifestyle during her performance at the Jamaica’s Independence Grand Gala celebrations.

Today reports surfaced that the gay community in Canada has pressured the promoters of Rastafesta International Reggae Concert to axed Ifrica from the show set for tomorrow.

Queen Ifrica’s management team has since issued a statement addressing the issue.

Read the statement below:

Queen Ifrica and her management team has expressed shock and disappointment at the ensuing brouhaha arising from certain aspects of her performance at the Jamaica’s Independence Grand Gala celebrations on August 6, 2013.

The artiste is appalled and disappointed with the way in which the propaganda machinery is leading the public to believe that she is against any person or group of persons and refutes the claim that her work permit has been withdrawn by the Canadian Government contrary to statements made to that effect by prominent media houses in Jamaica.

Her management team wants to make it clear that work permits for Queen Ifrica has not been withdrawn by the Canadian Government.

Queen Ifrica expresses that while she remains grounded in her morals which espouses heterosexuality, she wants to make it abundantly and emphatically clear, that she does not condone nor has ever supported or advocated violence against any group or community, whether implicitly or explicitly.

This she asserts, goes against the very grain of her Rastafarian conviction.

The LGBT must decide whether the rights that they claim for themselves are not rights for everyone i.e. freedom of speech, freedom of choice and the right to live in peace.

Queen Ifrica has also released a new single titled “Freedom Of Speech” where she address her right to voice her own opinion


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