Reggae Sundance Opens their Video Archive Vault

Will it, or will it not happen again in 2016? The return of another edition of this popular Dutch Reggae Festival stands high on the list of a lot of Dutch people, as well as a lot of Artists.
Many artists passed through in the years behind us, living legends like Junior Reid, Yellowman, Eek A Mouse. And those that have unfortunately passed away, like John Holt,Gregory Isaacs, Sugar Minot or Culture’s frontman Joseph Hill. For a lot of artists Reggae Sundance was their debut stage in europe. Anyway Reggae Sundance is a festival with a history.

To celebrate the history of Reggae Sundance, the festival opened up their Video Archives Vault and, in collaboration with World A Reggae, started sharing those memorable moments from the past. Some of the Memories that were unseen, or undefinable on the internet.. until now. Reggae Sundance presents “Reggae Sundance, From The Vault”. On the Reggae Sundance Facebook page the organisation ask you to share your favourite Sundance Moment..

Go check out the Reggae Sundance Youtube Page and fulljoy the memories that will appear there. Meanwhile we all keep hoping for the return of this authentic Roots festival in 2016.