Reggaeville introduces Festiville 2011

The World Of Reggae is getting bigger and bigger. The Word Of Reggae is spreading wider and wider. Artists from all over the globe play on festivals all over the world. Many things a gwaan these days, to much to keep up with. Give Thanks to Jah for the fact that there are websites like us to help you to stay in the know 🙂

Our German friends from ReggaeVille have been busy the last few months and they have been putting a lot of blood, sweat ‘n tears in a great new initiative: “Festiville 2011”, a complete guide to as many Reggae Festivals as they could think of. All put together in one digital magazine, counting 132 pages. The magazine is full of interviews, stunning pictures, great stories and of course the festival guide with more then 70 festivals. Be sure to take a look at the the, well designed, guide before you go visit a festival or country this summer. You don’t want to miss any of your favorite artists. From WorldAReggae we seh: Big Ups to the Reggaeville team!

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