Reggaeville Riddim Available Worldwide on May 25th 2012

The world of Reggae in one village – the motto of our friends at is also significant for its first riddim release. Artists from all over the world, from Jamaica, the USA, Europe to as far as India and Indonesia showcase their voicing abilities on this modern relick of the Paragons’ “Riding On A High And Windy Day”, produced by Oneness Records outta Germany.

On 25 tunes there’s virtually no topic left out, be it love (by Sizzla or Erica Newell), humor (Skarra Mucci & Kip Rich), the strains and -at the same time- joy of working the soil (Naptali with Indonesian superstar Ras Muhamad), marihuana (Jamie Irie), music (Fyah T) the joy of life (Hawkeye & Ephraim Juda) to commenting world affairs (Etana). Sara Lugo and Kabaka Pyramid take on the old Paragons classic on the “High & Windy” whereas Rootz Underground present their first version on a riddim selection, which has been released officially. Remarkable as well is “Un Canci Mai” from Sicily’s Nakria who contribute the hymn of “Movimento 5 Stelle”, a political movement aiming to stop the corruption and self-enrichment of the country’s politicians. Real protest music!

The selection with 20 tracks will be out tomorrow, May 25, 2012, another six tunes will be available for free download the same day.Released so far as singles: Skarra Mucci & Kip Rich and Nakria.

Second video coming soon… Hawkeye & Ephraim Juda! ★★

David Katz about the Reggaeville Riddim
“The rhythm draws on the Paragons’ ‘Riding On A High And Windy Day’ and I like the way that Oneness have the track start off with the crackling sound of vinyl, sending the listener back to the rock steady days for a few bars, until their reconstruction bursts through with a hefty backbeat, a strumming guitar and sprightly keyboards, melding the new and old to fine effect.[…] Etana delivers one of her hardest-hitting releases of recent times with the defiant ‘One Fist’, which manages to maintain an R&B underpinning.”


01. Ray Darwin – Father
02. Bryan Art & Warrior King – New Day
03. Etana – One Fist
04. Rootz Underground – Windy Day
05. Fyah T – Musical Shot
06. Skarra Mucci feat. Kip Rich – Love Mi Fi Me
07. Erica Newell – Roses For My Baby
08. Tarrus Riley – The World Is A Ghetto
09. Sara Lugo & Kabaka Pyramid – High & Windy
10. Iba Mahr – My Day
11. Sizzla – That’s Y
12. Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal – Don’t Give Up On Life
13. Hawkeye & Ephraim Juda – Give Thanks For Life
14. Danny Ranks & Ganjaman – The World Is Yours
15. Naptali & Ras Muhamad – Farmerman
16. Mark Wonder – The World Needs Love
17. Teacha Dee – Sound System
18. Jamie Irie – Mary Jane
19. Nakria – Un Canci Mai
20. Reggaeville Riddim Version

01. Skillinjah & Josh Heinrichs – Call Of Duty
02. Ky-Enie – Breathe Again
03. G-Mac – Don’t Judge Me
04. Skanky feat. Simple FX – Psychose
05. Blade Malachi – Rasta See And Know
06. Reggae Rajahs – Make Up Your Mind

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