Report Wickie Wackie Fest 2024

Dubbed as the “Return of Raging Fyah”: Wickie Wackie Fest 2024 at Bull Bay Jamaica was an experience for the books. With a ram packed Wickie Wackie Beach the perfectly timed fest managed to keep a homely vibe. Starting early from 4PM with the sounds from Soundsystem legend Uncle Ronnie, followed by Acoustic Sunset perfomances, kicked off with the beautiful voice of Birdz I, The Soul Rebel, Rachaad Amarjii (joined by Imar Shephard and closed by Fiinix. What a joy it is to see the sun go down while listening to some sweet reggae music.

Around 6:30, 4 new artist took the stage in the “Riddim Features” section. Backed by Hille from Soundquake sound, fast Rising star Rik Jam took the stage, giving us an insight of the The healing power of Reggae Music, followed by the beautiful Yeza bringing her “Rude Girl Roots” music. I weren’t sure if the venue was ready for the energy that Kuzikk brought to the stage, if you ever have the chance to see this collective, make sure to do so! The vibes of Krysi (Krystal) Webb, Cool Johnny Cool and Kamau Imhotep are unparalleled. This section was closed by Singer and gifted songwriter Mackeehan, who brought his ‘Ratatah” friend Quan Nelson on stage during his performance..

After the “Riddim Features” section, we got treated by some lovely nyabinghi drumming and chanting and, again a very entertaining performance from Bongo Herman alongside Third World drummer Tony “Ruption” Williams.

9:00 PM, the moment many have been waiting for.. as mentioned earlier “The Return of Raging Fyah”. As if the vibes weren’t as magical already, knowing that I was on the beach with the Sea breeze through my hair, the smell of salt and Jamaican food in the air, the opening with “Nah Look Back” only added to this for me mystical vibe.

From the first moment Kumar stepped on stage the band seemed unstoppable, playing hit after hit after hit. And as host of the evening Coleen Douglas (alongside Chuka Chukwura) mentioned; Kumar probably has THE best vocals coming out of Jamaica today. The more tunes were played, the more Kumar and The Original Fyah seemed in their element. For me it felt like a throwback to the earlier days of Raging Fyah, seeing them perform and bringing this new but still original Reggae sound which brought me in awe.

At one third of the show we got treated a guest appearance by Reggae’s true gentleman, Mr Romain Virgo to perform “As Long As I Live” with Kumar, recorded on Frankie Music’s General A General Riddim. Again, hit after hit was played, and it was noticeable that Kumar, but also his band members had a great time on stage, big smiles on their faces. Seemingly knowing that history was being made the night. With Songs like Behold, Brave, Dash Wata etc etc. the energy in the “venue” could be felt. Plus I got pleasantly surprised by the performance of Jah Izrehl alongside Kumar and showing his skills with his song “Culture”.

Halfway the show the crowd got treated by the great Cat Coore from Third World, bringing a goosebump rising version of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song on his Cello. Truth to be told, I had to snap myself out of my stage staring to take some pictures (forgetting to shoot a video).

After almost a 3 hour show, the crowd got another treat in the form of a performance by Farmer man Jah Mason, bringing his, probably greatest hit “Princess Gone”, and unfortunately this also meant the ending of a great mystical night. Well almost, because what would “The Return of Raging Fyah” be without their unarguably biggest hit “Judgement Day”. With a clearly satisfied face, Kumar thanked the crowd and his fellow musicians for a great night. For me it could have gone on for at least another hour. I am looking forward to see Kumar and The Original Fyah gracing stages around the globe again, bringing the true message and essence of reggae music.

Since Bob Marley and the new movie is literaly breaking the internet at this very moment, I can only hope (and I dare say this) that Kumar and The Original Fyah are the ones that can take up the Reggae baton, because after seeing what they are capable of, I fully trust them with that.

By Danny Creatah

Wickie Wackie Fest 2024

More photos Soon come.