Richie Spice new album “Soothing Sounds” to be released in October

Roots singer Richie Spice’s latest album, Richie Spice Acoustic — Soothing Sounds, is scheduled to be released in October. It contains 14 songs including Grooving Girl, Free and Youth So Cold.

According to Spice, recording an acoustic album gave him the opportunity to express himself differently.

“Wi do different things with the songs, yuh nuh. It kinda tek things to another level,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

This is his first album since Book of Job, which was released two years ago by VP Records. It features Mitchum ‘Khan’ Chin on guitar, Robbie Shakespeare on bass, keyboardist Steven ‘Lenky’ Marsden and percussionist Bongo Herman.

The set will be released by Tads International Record.

Spice has another project on the market — Daily Bread riddim, which was released recently on Bonner Cornerstone, the record label he operates with his brothers.

Produced by Clive Hunt, Daily Bread has songs by Spice’s siblings Spanner Banner and Snatcha Lion, as well as roots reggae veteran Admiral Tibet.


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