Romain Virgo complete US TOUR and is ready for Europe

(Photo by Pep Williams)

Romain Virgo is back on the island after an extensive one-month tour of the United States of America.

The North American tour, which took him to New York, Connecticut, Boston, North Carolina, Chicago, Kentucky, Colorado, New Mexico and other states, was done in conjunction with Capleton and Munga Honourable, and received rave reviews from fans.

In a release sent to THE STAR, Romain is quoted as saying: “I’ve just been out there promoting my album and getting familiar with the fans and having them, in turn, get familiar with my music; it’s been going really well so far. I want to use every opportunity to make my fans proud.”

The singer, who returned to the island to shoot the video for his single Taking You Home on Donovan Germain’s Big Stage rhythm, said that fans can look out for it in approximately two weeks.

After releasing the video, Romain will again leave the island on November 24 for yet another one-month tour, which will cater to his fans in Europe.


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