Roots Reggae band Tuff Lions set to rock global stages in 2024

After a good start in 2014 with the EP “Come to Fight”, it is in 2018 that the band releases its first album entitled “SPIRIT”. The Tuff Lions hail from Toulouse, France, and was formed in 2011. The band members are Jahvie (lead vocal/rythm guitar), K/ (lead guitar) Spako (drums), Live I (bass), Filo (keyboards), and Tony Bongo (percussions).

The band has performed their music on European, French as well as Mexican stages, especially during the Covid period. This summer 2023 they set fire to several events including the OBVI Festival of S.O.S Méditerranée. For the upcoming 2024 summer season the Tuff Lions are gearing up to play at stages around the globe.

Their new album “DIS YA TIME” released by Khanti Music is available since April 2023, you can give it a listen for free HERE. 14 exclusive compositions and featurings of international classes such as AWA FALL (Senegal), ILEMENTS (Saint-Martin), SAFA DIALLO (Guinea Conakry), ANTHONY JOHN (Jamaica), DEVI REED (France) and RULBOY (GHANA).

Discover the New Videos: Povisional Order ft Anthony John, Modern Reggae Music with message about European Governor & Family. One Tune, acoustic version on RED GOLD and GREEN Boat! Ina Di Town, a reggae track with rap influence that made them travel through french hills and valleys with its images shot at the FPV Drone.

The Tuff Lions are available for bookings via