Rototom Sunsplash: More than just a Festival, More than Twenty

As you already might know Rototom Sunsplash is not just a festival but it is an association with more than 20 years of history.
This Tuesday Rototom will publish the first episode of the Rototom story documentary.

The movie is divided in 8 episodes and will be published every Tuesday and Thursday of July (at 12 pm Spanish time) on Thanks to the Rototom movie production team we can witness the the whole timespan of four friends that started (1991) with the creation of cultural spaces in a small village in Italy and handed up organizing the biggest reggae festival in the World. In the beginning they faced many difficulties and had to struggle to keep the project alive. In the end they even had to leave Italy, emigrating to Spain.

The documentary will take us to locations that are part of this journey, for example the Rototom discothèque, one of the first projects where bands like the Ramones, Massive Attack, Femi Kuti and so on played. In this factory that Rototom occupied in the 90’s where they were used to organize cultural events for the Italian audience, in Zoppola, Lignano and Osoppo the locations where the festival grew. On the other hand you will listen to the protagonists of this journey explaining this great dream that became reality in their own words.

It shows us the beginning in the first night club in Gaio di Spilimbergo to the first Rototom Sunsplash in Gaio (1993). In 1998 the Festival had to move to another location because of expansion. For two editions it moved to the campsite Giralsole, in Latisana (Udine), on the coast of Friuli. A few years later, in 2000, the festival finds itself in the park of Rivellino de Osoppo (Udine), where it will stay for ten years. After overcoming numerous economic difficulties, the association finds the time to organize a music festival for two years in Brazil, in Chanoa, Chamas.

The alternative character of Rototom and above all, the entry into force of the Fini- Giovanardi Law on drugs, was the basis for what became a repressive wave against the festival (“in 2009 there was a real war against Sunsplash” affirms the lawyer Mario Cudini) that led the organizers to decide to leave Italy, as Filippo Giunta explained dramatically from the stage during the farewell of the 2009 edition. The day after the closure of the 2009 edition, Rototom voted unanimously to leave Italy. Benicassim, Spain was the chosen destination. The 2013 edition represented the 20th anniversary of the festival, that grows more than ever….

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