Runkus & Mykal Cushnie – IN:SIDE Portmore Documentary

We have never seen a time like this. We’ve heard of plagues before, pandemics but in this technological era? Never. I’ve never had to be quarantined, on lockdown or detained anywhere based on an outbreak. I’ve seen it in movies, heard about it but when it happened in my community, that i know and love and saw people scrambling; some knowing what to do, some not, some who have the means to cope financially, some who don’t – this really made Mykal Cushnie and I want to speak up on behalf of the people, on this situation.

Music being my weapon, and film being Cushnie’s, we teamed up to give people a musical and visual experience of what it was like being stuck IN:SIDE. IN:SIDE being a metaphor for not only our community, Portmore, but also our mind, ourselves, our situations, our vices, our habits, our phones [lol].

We shot it in April 2020 but while we’re no longer on lockdown, there’s still a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. So, all we can do is pray, be patient, stay safe and Give thanks”.
– Runkus

Director/Editor: @mykalcushnie DoP: @Krushavisuals Drone Op: @sky_beyond_society Producer: Runkus Music, Smartkid Records