Shaggy claims Buju Banton will still be icon despite 10 years sentence

Grammy winning Reggae superstar, Shaggy believes that despite Buju Banton’s ten year sentence on cocaine charges, the “Destiny” singer will return to the Dancehall-Reggae industry as an icon.

In an interview with American magazine, SOHH, Shaggy spoke of his displeasure with the sentence that was handed down to Buju but also suggested than once the Gargamel serves his time, his status as a Reggae icon will remain unchanged. “I’ll put it this way.

I actually played the concert in Miami. I was actually the first person put on board to play the concert for Buju Banton to raise money for his defense,” Shaggy intimated.

The “It Wasn’t Me” singer then added, “I’ve known him for years and years and it’s a sad situation that he’s in. I was really hoping for the best for him so that he could get off. But the truth wasn’t in his corner and they were all lined up for him. He’s an icon. They’ll never take that away from him. He’s an icon in this business. He’s got a track list of recordings that have touched people’s lives. You know? You just hope that he learns from this, comes out and hopefully can regain some attraction.”

Buju’s status as an icon has been questioned by some fans & observers following his sentence; some calling it forever tarnished. However, his resume that includes of a Grammy Award, the record for most hit songs in a single year (1992) & countless hit songs like “Destiny” & “Untold Stories” show that despite this setback, his place in Reggae music remains high ranking.

Buju began serving his ten year prison sentence last month, but could be released within 6 years on good behavior as well as being credited for time already served prior to his two trials.

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