She got Magic – Jah Tung (Music Video)

Jah Tung’s album Digital Degeneration has something for everybody, exemplified perfectly in She Got Magic, the pop ballad that brings modern R’n’B, almost Michael-Jackson-like melodies, with flavors and grooves reminiscent of afrobeats. Again, the gorgeous backing vocals of Yasi B, this time joined in some parts by Danielle Teddy, as well as, brilliant horns from Tom Fisher, drums from Dubvisionist and tasty guitars by Julian Steel.

Filmed by Oscar Diaz (@rojosaurio) and edited by AutoBars Ent (@autobarsent, the music video stars Emmalyn Cain alongside Jah Tung and presents as a slideshow of romantic memories, in a modern, almost-retro style. It also stars Holly Cesmina as a roller skater, adding to the almost-retro motif.

This is the fourth music video from Jah Tung’s debut, self-produced album Digital Degeneration, released on the Evidence Music label and featuring some big names in the reggae diaspora!