Silver Hawk vs Bodyguard Sound in On Air ‘Owners’ Club Clash

New York, New York – September 2014 – Caribbean entertainment honchos Irish and Chin are celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of their syndicated, successful Sound Chat Radio program with a fiery on air warr’ between two Dancehall giants, dubbed the “Owners’ Cup Clash.” Scheduled to go down live on air during Sound Chat Radio on Monday, September 22, 2014 from 7-10 PM (, the explosive face off will feature Grammy-Award winning producer Cleveland “Clevie” Browne (of legendary Dancehall production duo Steely and Clevie and Silver Hawk owner) and Sound System guru Courtney Singh of the famed Bodyguard sound. While this is not the first time that these sounds have stepped into the battlefield, the ‘epic’ buzz among clash fans is in part centered on the fact that it’s a first occasion of the powerhouse owners facing off. And best of all, this will be the first radio clash between the top flight contenders.

For three great years, Irish and Chin’s Sound Chat Radio has provided audiences with compelling commentary, discussion and coverage of topics centered on Sound Clash/Sound System and Reggae Dancehall music and culture. The popular program also tackles social, political and human interest topics relevant to the Caribbean diaspora. The show’s Caribbean Talk format has given way to a rising radio genre. Syndicated on 18 stations throughout 5 countries, Sound Chat Radio also offers its diverse listening audience exclusive interviews with leading artists, sounds and industry movers and shakers. Given Irish and Chin’s extensive ‘clash’ background, the “Owners’ Cup Clash” is an ideal way to thank their listeners with an unprecedented radio sound clash.

10707362_760747817316603_683666601_o“It brings me great pleasure to hold the “Owners’ Cup Clash,” in celebration of Sound Chat Radio’s 3rd Anniversary,” says Garfield “Chin” Bourne of Irish and Chin. “I can’t think of a more befitting way to commemorate three stellar years on air than with a live radio, first ever face off of 2 Dancehall heavyweights, Clevie/Silver Hawk and Courtney/Bodyguard.”

“Sound clash fans will be in for an extra special treat when these giants warr in what could possibly be the
biggest modern day sound clash to air on radio,” adds Bourne.

What’s extra special about this clash is the impeccable background of its star contenders. The music of producer extraordinaire Clevie is credited with digitalizing (modernizing) Dancehall. His music masterpieces (as a part of famed production duo Steely and Clevie) provide the soundtrack to the genre we know and love called Dancehall. From monster hits like Tiger’s “Ram Dancehall,” Cutty Ranks’ “Retreat,” Shabba Ranks “Can Dunn” to Beres Hammond’s “Double Trouble,” Dawn Penn’s “You Don’t Love Me” cover, Buju Banton’s “It’s All Over” and Sean Paul/Sasha’s “I’m Still in Love with You,” Clevie has made an indelible mark on Reggae Dancehall. So, clearly, he brings an extensive music collection and knowledge to the clash for the Silver Hawk banner.

Meanwhile, Bodyguard owner Courtney Singh is not be slept on. Boasting one of the sound industry’s most infamous and feared clash sounds, Courtney Singh and his Bodyguard sound are quite a force to be reckoned with. Active since the late 80’s Bodyguard rose through the ranks, killing competitors one sound at a time. With a roster that has featured some of the industry’s most recognized selectors (including Johnnyguard, Fire Links, Junior Vibes, and many more), Bodyguard has thrived as a prominent sound. Courtney Singh has been behind Bodyguard’s success from the beginning and at his disposal is an arsenal of foundation, modern-hit and rare dub plates that will make a grown man cry. Join Irish and Chin on Monday, September 22, 2014 to see exactly which sound will shed a tear! Long live sound clash! Tune into Sound Chat Radio (, the Tune In app or via one of the 18 streaming/radio partners.

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