Smooth as Silk. Aaron remembers brother Garnett 30 years later

December 9, 1994 is a date Aaron Silk will never forget. That morning, the budding singer was awakened by a neighbor who told him that his older brother Garnett Silk (Born as Garnet Damion Smith) had died.

He recalls reacting with disbelief at the shocking news which was soon confirmed by multiple newscasts in Jamaica. That was almost 30 years ago, and the loss still hurts.

In April, Aaron Silk was among the performers at ‘Music Is The Rod’, a show in Kingston honoring what would have been the charismatic Garnett Silk’s 58th birthday. He closed the show, belting out a number of his famed sibling’s hit songs.

With Jamaica experiencing another year of wanton crime, Aaron Silk believes the country needs artistes like Garnett Silk to uplift its wayward, gun-toting youth.

“We are going through some dark times in Jamaica right now and a lot of the music is not inspiring or helping to solve the crime and violence. We need more truth, more love mixed with that positive vibrations that can transcend spiritually to the heart of the people,” he reasoned. “I am talking that sincerity of one believing in what they are singing, and Garnet Silk was one of those inspirational artistes who came in the early ‘90s believing that music is the rod and we are Moses, leading God’s children to the promised land.”

Aaron Silk

Along with Tony Rebel, Yasus Afari, Everton Blender, Kulcha Knox, and Utan Green, Garnett Silk sparked a roots renaissance in Jamaican dancehall music just over 30 years ago. In two years of chart dominance, he released a flurry of hit songs including Kingly Character, Lion Heart, Fill Us Up With Your Mercy, Love is The Answer, It’s Growing, and Gave You Everything.

He was recording an album for Atlantic Records at the time of his death, which came in a fire at his mother’s house in Manchester, a parish in rural Jamaica. She also perished in the blaze.

Aaron Silk, who shared the same father with Garnett, knows of no plans to commemorate the 30th year of his passing. With the impact he made in such a short career, he said it is unfortunate no event has ever been held to mark his legacy. Who will pick up the glove this year to celebrate Garnett Silk’s Legacy?

However, each time he steps on stage, he feels his brother’s aura.

I love performing his songs as it makes me feel so close to him. There are times when I imagine him being right there on the stage with me and that brings an overwhelming feeling of joy, mixed with sadness. It is a happy place for me because that’s when I feel him the closest,” said Aaron.