Soon Come: Lee Scratch Perry's Vision Of Paradise Movie

Filmed over 13 years, this movie gives a never seen insight into the world of one of the most enigmatic figures of pop history. The unique, poetic and humorous movie about and with the enigmatic and legendary Lee Scratch Perry.


A thrilling, poetic narration with the legendary Lee Scratch Perry, this movie is a unique project in many ways: it’s not a biography but rather a fairytale documentary! The director followed Lee Perry for 13 years and discovered a story that is almost impossible to believe: a revelation, told about and with one of the major protagonists of contemporary music. The movie can be seen as a guide for how to change the world with music – with a positive attitude, mindset or, as Lee Perry calls it: “vibration”.

Crew: Website Cast/Team:
written, narrated,
produced and directed by
Volker SchanerExecutive Producer Daniela SchmidDirector Of Photography Volker Schaner
Sound Recording Christoph RiethmaierEditor Adriana Villanueva
Kashi GrobeSound Design Christopher Fröhlich
Dino GrobeWeb- & Corporate Design Yoana Docheva
Webmaster Christoph Riethmaier

Music Lee Scratch Perry
Adrian Sherwood
The Orb
Mad Professor
The White Belly Rats
Thomas Lauterbacher

Animation Peter Harris
Llyr Williams

Juridical Advisor Dr. Till Neumann

Production Company Fufoo Film GmbH

Postproduction Fufoo Film GmbH

Additional Camera Guy Leder
Daniela Schmid
Kevin Merz
Thomas Janze

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