Soundclash Finals 2011 Kingston Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica
November 6, 2011

Sound clashing is alive! After Friday night’s performances, it’s obvious that DJs and Sound Systems are hard at work to state their claim to be known as the biggest, baddest sound in the world.

The Guinness Sounds of Greatness finals at the Chinese Benevolent Association was an epic battle between Hot Shot winner Rich Squad versus Veteran winner Sound Trooper, with the old overpowering the new and a showdown of the ages between colleagues Little Richie and Ricky Trooper.

Words were thrown, tempers flared but in the end, it was one winner with a check for one million dollars.
Jamaica is the entertainment capital of the world but it’s best known for its Reggae music and sound clashes until Dancehall music took over with more party songs and sound clashing thrills began to fade.
Pioneer sounds like Bass Odyssey, Stone Love, Kilamanjaro, King Addies and Metromedia were now paving the way for the younger sounds like TNG Muzik, Renaissance, 007, Area Code, Swatch and Coppershot as well as solo DJs leaving from other sound systems and radio stations.

Now, thanks to Guinness Caribbean, we see the young and old, rich and poor, uptown and downtown coming together to see what all the excitement is about. Ricky Trooper teamed up with DJ Kitt of 007
Mobile Sound who is also the son of a former owner of Bass Odyssey, Father Bunny, to walk away with the top prize. It was a close competition as Little Richie fought to the end but could only manage second place.

Kitt said his proudest moment was when he realized that his older brother DJ Ali Patch had joined him on stage for moral support. Also in attendance were singers Khristopher, Tony Curtis and George Nooks;
Dancehall artists Shifta, Munga and New Kidz; DJs Hottaball and Jiggy Unks; Producers Bulpus and Q45; Designer Bubba James, 007 Sound crew and several other top celebrities in the entertainment industry.

Congratulations goes out to Ricky Trooper, DJ Kitt and the entire Sound Trooper crew and supporters for a battle well won. Trooper goes on tour of Europe next week until December.

WorldAReggae congratulates the winners and all who participated in this wonderful soundclash! We are looking forward to 2012

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