Steel Pulse album, documentary pushed to 2015

According to the David Hinds camp, the new Steel Pulse studio album, as well as the documentary The Definitive Steel Pulse, will be dropped in 2015.  In our interview with David earlier this year we asked him about both the album and documentary and here is what he had to say:

“We’ve been working on an album for about 3 years now to be honest with you but, like I said, tour commitments and such. We are also working on the documentary that will look at the entire 35 year career of this band. The hardest part is getting hold of people who helped shape the history of the band to tell their story for the film. Stevie Wonder for example used to have us around his studio all the time in the early 1980s but he’s got his people you know and maybe he doesn’t even know that we been trying to get at him. But we have a bunch of people who have been interviewed over the 2.5 years with many more to come. It won’t be like the Marley film which was very Jamaica-focused. This film you will see police and riots and punks, you know, we come from a concrete jungle.”

I think we should have it ready by December (2013). Once we get to a certain point we just have to cut it and put it out. Our last album African Holocaust came out ten years ago. So it’s been ten years since we put out a proper studio album.”

We all know that David will not allow anything with his name on it to come to the people half-finished.  So when the album and film do drop (hopefully early next year) both will be well worth the wait.

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