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Reggae Report Archive Project Launches May 11, the 30th Anniversary of Bob Marley’s Passing

Reggae Report founder M. Peggy Quattro celebrates her 30th anniversary in Reggae on May 11 with the launching of the Reggae Report Archive project on Kickstarter, the best “crowdfunded” project-pledging platform in the world!

Miami, FL – May 7, 2011 – Reggae Report, the award-winning reggae magazine, is launching a pledge campaign on to raise funds for the creation of its online Archive. Reggae Report publisher M. Peggy Quattro celebrates her 30 years by announcing the Kickstarter project. “Reggae Report is an important and valuable part of Reggae history,” says Quattro, “and Kickstarter is the perfect creative arts platform to make this Archive a reality.”

For those who pledge financial support, Quattro offers a range of incredible rewards! Backers can choose from a Founding Member Certificate, vintage t-shirts and posters, CDs or DVDs, exclusive Bob Marley art, VIP access to Bayside Rocks! 2011, or an action-packed Kingston trip for two with MPeggyQ for an inside look at Reggae’s roots they will never forget! Many of these rewards are limited and exclusive to Reggae Report’s 30-year collection, and everyone who pledges support will be listed as a Founding Member on the Archive website.

Before the Internet, Reggae Report was the world’s #1 link to its favorite stars. The Reggae Report Archive will host hundreds of magazines containing interviews, articles, and historical retrospectives, as well as Quattro’s own personal stories. Amazing images will include photos recounting her extensive travels. “Reggae Report has long been acknowledged for its excellent quality…enabling it to become a reliable source for chronicling reggae’s history.” – The Jamaica Gleaner 1993.

On May 11, 1981, Quattro began working with Don Taylor, Bob Marley’s manager—on the morning Bob went home to Zion. To observe this important date, she chose May 11 to launch the Reggae Report Archive project on Kickstarter. From 1983 to 1998, Quattro led Reggae Report to international recognition, distribution, and respect. In 1999, the print magazine evolved into, and Reggae Report’s presence is throughout social media today.

Reggae Report…is among the most venerable of [those] journals…an important source of information.” – Elena Oumano, Billboard 1997.

The Reggae Report Archive is a valuable and relevant source of Reggae history, and the creation of the Archive project is the persistent publisher’s primary goal.

If you’d like more information about the Kickstarter Archive Project, or to schedule an interview with M. Peggy Quattro, please e-mail

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