Tanya Stephens releases Video for Ghett’a Life Movie soundtrack

Prolific song writer and singer Tanya Stephens, the “Lyrical Queen of Dancehall” who wrote the title track for the soundtrack for the full feature film, Ghett’a Life, has just completed the video for the single.

The highly anticipated film, which has already copped two awards at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, opened on Friday, June 29 in theatres islandwide.

Catalysitic words emanate from the chorus of the title track for new Jamaican film Ghett’a Life, from the Reggae visionary, Tanya Stephens, who has written an analytic and thought-provoking tune that closely matches the groundbreaking storyline of the film.

‘So let the rain fall, and let the wind blow, Cause after the rainfall must come a rainbow,I keep dreaming of a better life, cause me must get a life.’

So reads the chorus of the tune, which echoes the essence of Ghett’a Life, which is an action drama which tells the story of overcoming obstacles despite social and economic obstacles.

Tanya’s involvement in Ghett’a Life was fitting, as she has penned some of the most memorable and touching reggae tracks for her growing worldwide audience.

It was only appropriate that she would team up with the talented pool of people who put together one of Jamaica’s most authentic and touching films.

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