Tarrus Riley’s Love scars tackles Heartbreak

A failed relationship can in most cases cause severe heartbreak. That is the essence of Tarrus Riley’s brand new single Love Scars which was produced by Roshaun ‘Bay C’ Clarke of Bombrush Records.

This is the third time that Riley has teamed up with Clarke. One of their previous collaborations yielded the thought provoking Shaka Zulu Pickney a few months ago.

Riley who is known for his healing and message music, said it was necessary for him to convey his thoughts on Love Scars. In a release to the media, Riley outlined his reasons.

“I felt it was important to tackle a subject of this nature. It is real because there are a lot of people walking around with different love scars. Sometimes relationships end on a bad note and it leaves emotional scars, so this song is real and relevant,” said Riley.

Riley had previously tackled a similar subject matter on the single Start Anew which was well-received by the public three years ago.

“I am a man telling a woman not to cry because it hurts inside to see the tears fall. At the same time I am apologizing for any man who has done her wrong but I can fix it if given the chance,” Riley explained the story behind Love Scars.

Asked to describe the chemistry working with Clarke, Riley said “Its very natural because we have a natural vibe. Him say Blak Soil and me say Bombrush.”

Featured on the Red Planet rhythm project, Love Scars has elicited positive reviews from radio jocks since it was released to radio last week.

Clarke who is also a member of dancehall group TOK, opined that the message in Love Scars is strong and something that everyone can relate to. “Overall I think the message is very strong and relevant to our society today. There are a lot of us walking around with love scars,” said Clarke.

“It’s always a cool vibe working with Tarrus. We both have a similar vision for the music so it’s always an abundance of creative energy in the studio,” said Clarke.

A video for Love Scars is expected to go into production in a matter of weeks


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