Tarrus Riley’s “Superman” steels the crowd in Brasil

The population of more than one million in Sao Luis in Brazil barely speaks a word of English. Yet the thousands, who came out for the annual Loveland Reggae Festival, sang along word for word to the edible treats served by Tarrus Riley, the man they have now dubbed as their very own ‘Superman’.

Riley and his Blak Soil band comprising saxophonist Dean Fraser were in top form at the recent event, reeling out hits one after the other.

Riley’s cover of Robin Thicke’s single Superman is one of the most popular songs in Sao Luis, receiving frequent rotation on reggae, pop and R&B radio stations.  It came as no surprise that patrons were wearing Superman pendants, and ringtones bore the Superman track.

In a release to the media, Riley was elated about his recent performance in Sao Luis.  “I totally enjoyed the trip to Brazil.  The love and the reception from the people was amazing.  I had to sing Superman six times.  The song is really huge over there,” said Riley.

During a near two hour set, Riley and crew whipped up an interesting brew of musical antidotes which featured most of the songs from his catalogue.  Newer songs including Marcus Teaching and the current number one hit Shaka Zulu Pickney were also well received.

Last weekend, Riley performed in French Guiana. His European tour is expected to commence in July.


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